Who is Joe?

I am a Catholic man. I write about health, happiness, and spirituality. I read, research, think, and experiment. Then I share my thoughts, theories, opinions, findings, and ideas on this site.

My first mission is to follow Christ. Within that mission are three sub-missions:

  1. To maintain health of body, mind, and soul

  2. To share knowledge, wisdom, and ideas (primarily via the written word)

  3. To be a good steward of the land (a farmer)

In regards to following Christ, my first aim is to love. The other three missions are directed at that.

My first sub-mission is to maintain health so that I can love as effectively as possible. A healthy body makes physical service possible. A healthy mind enables clear thought and foresight in loving and serving others.

The primary reason that I write is to remind my future self of the things I have learned and experienced. I write to teach myself. I write because I need constant reminder.

I share my writing because I believe it may be of use to others. That is my second sub-mission. If I can help, and not harm, by sharing my ideas, then I am serving my brothers and sisters.

An example of this is my search to resolve my migraines and sleep issues. After years of research and personal experimentation, I found that eating too much protein triggers my migraines. Excess protein intake is not a well-known cause of migraines, so by sharing my findings, I may be able to help others who haven’t heard about this protein-migraine connection.

My third sub-mission is to steward the land. Food is important, and I believe our current food system is damaged. I sense that I am called to be a part of the solution by farming, stewarding the land, growing the soil. I plan to write an entire blog post on why this is a mission of mine, so if you want to know more, watch for that.

In regards to my third sub-mission, this blog will be a way for me to document my journey and share the knowledge I gain.

At this time, I am in the very early stages of my third mission. I have only recently realized that this is my calling. At this point, I cannot afford land. I live in an apartment in a city. Not wanting to delay my mission, I am starting by learning and experimenting.

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